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How to buy RS Gold without getting banned?

First time buyers are often concerned about getting caught when purchasing gold

for Runescape. This article explains how both first time buyers and regular

customers can avoid getting banned by Jagex when purchasing gold online.


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It is important to know the seller when buying Runescape gold. Avoid buying gold

from facebook groups and random sites until you are sure where the gold comes

from. It is important that the gold is obtained from players and not bot farmed or

earned using scams. Be careful of this and there are 99% chances that you wont

get caught buying gold. Moreover, there are certain things that can get you

caught by Jagex. You can only get caught if either the gold you bought was

obtained through stolen credit cards, or the gold was bot farmed or if it was

traded with RWT flagged IP address. If you are a first time buyer and are

concerned about banning, you can create a mule account to carry out your first

transaction, once the gold is purchased your mule will be traded with gp and you

can transfer it to your main account afterwards.

There are hardly any risks involved when you buy from safe sites such as ZedRS. We

gurantee you that you are protected by all means. Want to know how we protect

you? Worry no more!

We protect the buyers data and any information by logging in from secure IP

addresses which are not flagged. We deliver gold from high level accounts instead

of fresh level 3 accounts. Our systems have been operating for a long time and we

have always satisfied all our customers with our reliable service.

Tips to buy,sell and swap Runescape Gold without getting banned

These tips may be helpful to protect users from not getting banned.

  •  Make sure not to use VPNs as it is possible that you might get an IP that

was flagged by someone else before, this can get you banned.

  •  Do not just trust any other site, we at ZedRS allow you to carry out your

transactions safely and smoothly without any risks so be careful when

choosing where to buy gold from!


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