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What to do with RS Gold?

Runescape players know how big a role gold plays in the game. RS allows many

different uses of gold, and this article let us talk about how you could make the

best possible use of gold!


The very basic thing to do is keep your gold, but is it any good? We don’t think so.

RS money, just like real money depericiates overtime which means its value falls

as time passes, so there’s no real benefit of keeping that gold with you – go out

and make use of it before it loses its value.


There are many players out there who wish to buy gold. What you can do it sell

your gold online so you can earn real life money. We here at Zed allow you to sell

your gold with great deals. We have a long list of clientele and you can check out

our positive reviews. You can also talk to our live agents. We are an international

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Another way to make use of all that gold in your account is to buy bonds. Bonds

basically give you benifts in the game. With the help of bonds you can avail

membership to Runescape. Not only this but bonds also let you access runecoins

and keys, so better buy gold from Zed and invest it in bonds rather than

purchasing bonds directly with real cash which is an expensive method.


Many players just wish to buy and stack gold in their account. To many players it

may seem an acheievement to have a high amount of gold in their bank account.

It doesn’t really help you in any way, I mean you could buy a lot of items from the

marketplace for all this cash.


Skilling requires gold investments, some skills like the basic require less gold but

the advanced skills like construction require huge amounts of investments. An

easy way to work your way around is by using combinations of skilling, some skills

compliment each other. You could use the available gold in a smart way that costs

you less and improves you skills. For example:

Woodcutting + firemaking

        Mining + smithing

        Woodcutting + fletching + ranged

      Cooking + Fishing


You could share the gold if you feel you have enough. This could be done by

organizing parties which could also attract more people to visit you! There are

limitless options when it comes to usinh RS gold, but hey, choose wisely and don’t

waste your time, energy and money!


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