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Power Leveling? How Does It Work?

 RS Power leveling

 Power leveling service was started in 2018 and since that our company; ZedRS has been able to complete over 500+ powerlevelling order. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers.

We have a dedicated team solely for powerleveling and training accounts, providing custom services which includes literally anything that you would like us to do on your account. Basically, you can ask us to do any type of grinding on your account that you are bored of, we will be more than happy to serve you and complete the job. This could be anything e.g collecting supplies especially for ironmans, complete agility laps which may make you drowsy, getting the runecrafting levels that you may fear. 

How does it work?

Super easy - Contact us, mention what levels and service are you looking for, get a quote -> Pay -> One of our booster will start on your account as soon as possible.

What are the risks of getting banned?

There are no risks. Yes that is true! Don't worry about any risk of getting banned. Our RS power leveling service is 100% hand done. We do not use any bot or third party software to complete the tasks which may put your account on a slightest risk of getting banned. All the work will be done on Runelite or OSbuddy. We do not use the official oldschool client for a number of reason. First one is that it doesn't show the xp/hr you are getting therefore the staff is not able to determine the efficiency, secondly Runelite/OSbuddy has multiple features which help in the powerleveling like agility laps, Mage Training Arena etc. 

To make sure the skilling was all hand done, you can always request level up screenshots that are automatically saved in these clients. 

How many hours a day will you work?

Mostly accounts are ran single shift per day that is 7-8 hours per day. But sometimes we may get overtime on the account without any extra cost depending on the availability of the power leveling staff. You may request regular double shifts to get your task completed asap. Just let us know anything you would like without any hesitation. You can even play while the staff is not working on your account.


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