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The Warding Survey

The runescape management is grateful to everyone for participating. The turnout was gigantic. With 125,147 number of votes, it was the biggest substance survey in Old School's history. 

The outcomes to address one, with 125,147 measure of votes cast, were: 

82,633 (66.4%) said Yes to Warding. 

41,726 (33.6%) said No to Warding. 

Having neglected to achieve the 75% endorsement mark, Warding won't be added to the game. 

Likewise with any survey, the organisers were satisfied that players got the chance to have thier state on any potential substance. The surveying framework is extraordinary and is something to be loved. 

The organisers know that everyone is interested about what the subsequent stages are, and they have to be set up precisely by the organisers themselves. They will accomplish all the more diving into whether there's general hunger for another expertise - and assuming this is the case, what that ought to resemble and how it ought to be brought into game. They will likewise be accepting this open door to survey each of the three abilities surveyed in Old School's history up until this point, and how they can get all of the players associated with plan so any future aptitudes are what the network, needs. The one thing they will resolve to is that they will take all of the players on this adventure with them, presenting new thoughts and recommendations as right off the bat in the idea procedure as could be allowed so the players' voice can be heard, and they can make something everyone is pleased with. 

Hoping to see more people move towards the Oldschool RS from RS3. This may require the players to swap RS3 to OSRS to get more osrs money on the 2007 version. 


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