Runescape Powerlevelling, Skilling & Custom Services

100% Hand Done RS Account Training

Tired of grinding yourself? Let us do the grind for you so you can enjoy the game later on. Our powerlevelling service is fully hand done by our experienced training staff working from the ZedRS HQ. You don't have to worry about the usage of any third party softwares because we will never do such low act. ZedRS has been able to satisfy thousands of clients in the past from its swapping and rental service, now we are glad to announce the introduction of powerlevelling and account training service

Powerlevelling, Collecting Supplies, Minigames, Farm Runs, Birdhouses and alot more!

Services we offer:

  • 100% Hand Done Powerlevelling
  • Get level up screenshots at the end of service for proof
  • Flexible shifts to work on the account to avoid any clash with your playtime
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Wintertodt and Mage Training Arena also available
  • Collecting Marks Of Grace, Motherlode Mine for Full prospector
  • Hunting Implings, Motherlode Mine, Barbarian Fishing, Rooftop Agility
  • Buying and Banking supplies from shops
  • Collecting Supplies for Ironman or hardcore ironman
  • Collecting Soda Ash, Sand Buckets, Seaweed, Volcanic Ash, Coins from Knights
  • Birdhouse runs, Giant Seaweed Runs every hour | Good for XP and supplies
  • Farm runs for trees for farming xp
  • Crafting at Charterships
  • Friendly customer support
  • Ability to play in between a large service
  • Need anything else? Just contact us with your required service and we will get it done!

We also offer RS Gold Swapping and Maxed Main Rental