Runescape Powerlevelling, Skilling & Custom Services

  • Terms and Conditions
  • We can refuse any order we want to
  • Payment must be done upfront before the job is started.
  • You will provide all the in-game supplies needed for the job. The price you pay is only labour charges. We will not put/take any item from the account unless stated.
  • We are not responsible for any blackmarks (mutes/bans) on your account.
  • You will not change the password during the service. If incase you want to change the password, please inform us beforehand so it does waste any time. If you fail to inform, the order will be considered cancel and no refund will be applicable.
  • Remove all valuable items and gold from the account before handing over the account to us.
  • You will not login the account during the service unless stated to do so before ordering.
  • You automatically agree to all the TOS by sending us a service request.

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