About us

ZedRS was established in 2013. Zed used to be a runescape gold swap streamer on twitch.tv . We have had 16+ hours of swapping sessions on daily basis. As the inflow and demand increased, it was decided that we need something more professional to handle our exponentially growing customer base. 

This is when the website was launched with 24/7 team of trusted swappers. Since 2013, we have been available 99.99% of the time with 0 negative feedback from any customer. This is an accomplishment for us. We are grateful for to all our valuable customers for putting their trust in us and giving us a chance to serve them.

Now we are providing RS3 to OSRS, OSRS to RS3, OSRS Power Levelling services and Maxed Main Rentals.

Who is ZedRS? Continue reading to know about us.

Message from the CEO

I have no words to thank all my clients and customers who have put their trust in me. We have been able to built up ZedRS HQ from where all our employees work. Powerlevelling, livechat operations, account building and handling your requests, everything is done under one roof under strict supervision. I, Zed, personally overlook each and every task to make sure we are able to continue providing unmatchable services.

Swapping Rs3 07, Maxed Main Rentals, Powerlevelling, Pre-Made Accounts, Buying & Selling RS Gold and alot more to come!

  • The Start:
    Everyone wants to hear about where it all started. Basically, when Oldschool Runescape was launched, Zed started swapping gold in-game only. Initially, it was only among the friends and soon we built up a large clientele which resulted in the birth of www.zedrs.com. This is where ZedRS actually came into being.

  • Progress in the swapping career:


    When it comes to Runescape swapping ZedRS equals realibility and honesty. With an experience of almost 11 years of playing Runescape you definitely know you are at the right place.

  • Building up the reputation

    With years of positive response in swapping, Zed decided to start other RS Services as well. These included maxed main accounts rental service, power leveling, RS Accounts, Bonds, and RSGP. We are glad to offer all these services ourselves. None of them is outsourced to anyone, everything is done by ZedRS team.

    Thousands of successful trades resulted in us in getting more and more customers. This meant we had to get more people on our team. On this day, ZedRS has a team consisting of 27 people, working in shifts to provide you with unexpected runescape services.

    For further satisfaction you can glance at our profiles on off-site Runescape forums. We have been in this business for more than 5 years now. We started trading on various forums. Our main goal is to provide the most convenient and efficient services while offering unbeatable rates in the market. With this approach and dedication to our work, we have more than 50,000 satisfied customers and almost 100% positive feedback ratings.