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1-99 Farming Training Guide OSRS | Runescape OSRS Skilling Guide

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Table of Contents

  • Seed Table
  • Farming/Patch Locations
  • Crop Running

It is definitely advisable to avoid the early levels of Farming by questing as an alternative. Recipe for Disaster (Goblin Generals), Fairytale I – Growing Pains then Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, Garden of Tranquillity, My Arm’s Big Adventure, Enlightened Journey. All of this will help the player proceed to level 35, alongside getting their hands on the Magic secateurs which are often recommended when it comes to farming herbs as well as allotments. The option of farming through the earlier stages is always available if questing is not an alternative, but they are rather time consuming and tedious, with very small yields.

It is possible to make sulfurous fertilizers when the user has 5% Hosidius favour, each handing out 2 experience when it comes to Farming. If you choose to use this technique to gain favor, earning 100 percent favor from 5.0 percent needs that 950 be produced and given in. A competitor starting at initial level 1 Farming will get level 13 Farming through the creation of these 950 sulphur fertilizers.

Bagged Plants Training Method

One of the simplest methods to practice Farming and Construction is to plant bagged plants in your player-owned home, although it is considerably more costly than seed planting.

Assuming your home is in Rimmington, the fastest most convenient route in planting them is to take a stack of coins,  three watering cans, and as many mentioned bagged plants as you can that is within your range of affordability. You can give Phials your notes to un-note them (for a low charge) and replenish your watering cans in the building that is located a little to the east of the well.

Mash the 1 key as you are planting and separating the plants that are bagge. This will save your time and fasten up the method even more. Another upside is that it will pick and verify the removal of the bagged plant, enabling you to plant and extract plants rapidly.

Tree Runs Guide


To obtain experience in Farming, the most effective method would be by planting the highest level tree and fruit tree saplings that the user can, along with calquat saplings and mahogany or teak saplings, as well as paying the farmer for chopping the trees down for the purpose of replanting. Cost can be a little high when it comes to this method; however, it efficiently provides the largest feasible experience rates successfully, despite only being able to complete 1 or 2 tree walks per day. Putting it out in a simple way, tree runs should be your top most priority when it comes to farming training, no matter how often you can play.

In order to make sure that your plants stay safe from diseases, always use ultracompost on the patch to reduce the risk of the disease or pay the farmer to look after the tree. Upon the completion of all the elite tasks in the Falador Diary, the tree patch in Falador Park will never get diseased.

If the user has clearance to the Humidify spell on the Lunar spellbook (needs closure of Dream Mentor and 68 Magic), growing the saplings yourself may be worthwhile instead of purchasing the saplings from the Grand Exchange.

The current rate of the palm trees is 4.43 GP per experience and the glowing magic trees 11 GP per experience; protection payments included.

Setup for Tree Runs for Farming

  • Farmer’s outfit/ Graceful outfit
  • 5 fruit tree and tree saplings, with one 1 calquat sapling
  • Bank notes to be used for payments (optional)
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Axe (needed for chopping down trees)
  • Varrock, Travery and Brimhaven teleport tablets
  • Slayer ring
  • Stamina potion
  • 11 ultracompost/runes for Fertile Soil spell and volcanic ashes if not paying the farmer (after the ash covered tome is read)
  • The Tai Bwo Wannai teleport scroll (needed for the calquat patch)
  • Teleport crystal (for the fruit tree patch located in Lletya)
  • Runes for Catherby Teleport (87 Magic is required)
  • Coins

When Growing teak trees (35 Farming), it will cost you 0.11 coins per experience for specialty trees, while mahogany trees (55 Farming) cost 0.32 coins per experience, both when payment is ignored and when supercompost is made use of instead. For growing calquat trees (72 Farming) it costs 0.08 coins per experience, which necessitates to a payment of 8 poison ivy berries.

Regular Tree Table


LevelSeedPaymentGrowth TimeXP for PlantingXP for CheckingTotal XPGP/XP
15Acorn 1 Basket of tomatoes3hrs 20 mins14467.3481.3-1.23
30Willow1 Basket of apples4hrs40 mins251456.51481.5-3.35
45Maple1 Basket of oranges5hrs20 mins453403.43448.4-9.56
60Yew 10 cactus spines6hrs 40 mins817069.97150.9-11.51
75Magic25 coconuts8hrs145.513768.313913.8-11.24

Fruit Tree Table

levelSeedPaymentGrowthTimeXP for PlantingXP for CheckingTotal XPGP/XP
27 Apple 9 Sweetcorn 16hrs221199.51272.5-1.06
33Banana 4 Baskets of apples 16hrs281750.51841.5-2.4
39Orange 3 Baskets of strawberries 16hrs35.52470.22586.7-0.93
42Curry5 Baskets of bananas16hrs402906.93036.9-0.69
51Pineapple10 Watermelons 16hrs574605.74791.7-0.12
57Papaya10 Pineapples16hrs 726146.46380.4-0.54
68Palm Tree15 Papaya fruit 16hrs110.510150.110509.6-4.8
81Dragonfruit15 Coconuts16hrs 1401733517825-11.04

Singular Daily Tree Table


LevelSeedPaymentGrowth TimeXP for PlantingXP for CheckingTotal XPXP/GP
72Calquat tree seed8 Poison ivy berries1280 mins Or 21.33hrs129.512,09612,516.5-0.08
85Celastru sseed8 Potato cactus800 mins Or 13.33hrs20414,13014,404.5*-6.83

Tree Run Sample and Inventory Guide

Following is an example containing all the levels, quest completions and gear for a tree run situated in a low-medium tier. However, please keep in mind that below is just an example of a tree run and nothing ore. There could be more effective and inexpensive routes as well (In addition, owing to the further quests needed, this run does not include the Lletya fruit tree).

Quests/Items that are required: (With the help of the Tool Leprechaun right next to the tree patch, you can store all your tools.)

  • Rake
  • 9 plant pots that are empty (only if filling them manually, otherwise buy tree saplings)
  • Gardening trowel (required only if you are planting the seeds by yourself)
  • Spade
  • Watering can (required only if you are planting the seeds by yourself)
  • Noted farmer payment as well as 5 tree seeds
  • Noted farmer payment and 4 fruit seeds
  • Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Law runes, or Teleportation tablets
  • Tree removal/Charter payments require 2280gp (will be lessened to 2040gp if you have the Ring of charos(a))
  • Completing the Tree Gnome Village request to gain access to some Spirit trees.

Item, Quest, and Level Recommendations:

  • In order to make teleportation easier the Elemental staff or battle staff is needed, and also saving inventory space is essential (Advisable to use dust battlestaff due to runes provided and cost)
  • Graceful outfit (entire set or pieces) or other clothing that minimises weight
  • Ring of charos(a) (Creature of Frankenstrain quest needs to be completed and the Garden of Tranquility must be started)
  • For the casting of all the relevant Teleportation spells Level 40 Magic is required (Level 51 if the Ardougne cloak is not owned by you)
  • Level 40 Construction in order to shift your House to Brimhaven

Doing the Tree Run:

  • You’re going to have to rake all the patches in your first trip. This is only essential in later trips if a process of growth cycle occurs between detaching the tree and planting a fresh one or as you are filling up your plant pots. You should take a rake (or abandon one with the Leprechaun Tool), just as a precautionary measure.
  • Take a start at the Grand Exchange, and purchase all appropriate seeds and payments that are connected to your farming level. Run East out of the Grand Exchange and head South inside the walls of the castle and there you will find a fountain that can be used to fill up your watering can. Run south and east to the tree patch that is around the palace. Check the tree’s health, then pay 200gp to the farmer to remove the tree (if needed).If you are going to plant your seeds yourself: use them on the tree patch to fill your plant pots (it will have to be done one pot at a time). Use your seeds on all your plant pots  once they are full, then use the watering can on them. If you run out of water you can refill your watering can in the courtyard that is just nearby. Just wait around 5 minutes for the seedling to form into a sapling, once done then you can plant it in the tree patch. Pay the farmer payment for watching over it.
  • Run back into the Grand Exchange area and then make way to the northeast corner, taking the Spirit Tree in order to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Run to the fruit tree patch to the East (nearby) and then pay the farmer payment to watch over the patch.
  • Run towards the Spirit Tree northeast and teleport to the Tree Gnome Village (location). Run to the fence’s southwest corner and squeeze your way through the entrance. Click and  follow Elkoy through the maze and then head southwest to the area of the fruit tree patch.
  • Teleport outside your house (to Brimhaven) by right-clicking, then head north to the fruit tree patch. Depending on your level of combat, or if the beasts aggro you, you may have to run away from the monsters.
  • Run to the docks in a northern direction, then run to the dock’s western side and bring a Charter ship to Catherby (cost 480gp, or 240gp if you own the Ring of Charos(a)). (You can also run south-east to Catherby by teleporting to Camelot) Run east to the fruit tree patch.
  • Run east alongside the fence of the garden after you have teleported to Falador, then run into the garden which leads to the tree patch
  • Run West from the Falador garden, then North out of Falador up till the Taverly gate, westwards through the gate and then South of the tree patch
  • Proceed teleportation to Lumbridge, run West (through the castle) out of the walls of the castle then finally North to the tree patch
  • Tree run has been completed!

Herb Run Guide

Growing herbs generally leads to an excellent profit and decent farming experience when the user grows high-level herbs such as torstols. Some members choose to do this to make up for the price of doing tree runs, or generally when it comes to making money. It takes 80 minutes for herbs to grow

Since paying the farmers to look after your herbs is not an option, always use ultracompost to treat the patches and make sure that the chances of a disease catching it are minimised, as well as to maintain the minimum amount of 6 herbs every seed when being used alongside magic secateurs

A new herb patch on Harmony Island can be unlocked as a result of completing the elite tasks in the Morytania Diary.

 Herb Table

LevelSeedPlanting XPXP per Herb PickedGrimy HerbSeed CostAverage GP/XP using MS and UC
9Guam leaf1112.5Guam 14-40.84
19Tarromin1618Tarromin10 44.22
26Harralander21.524Harralander17 154.98
32Ranarr26.530.5Ranarr49,129 278.2
44Irit seed4348.5Irit40132.48
79Dwarf weed170.5192Dwarf weed69313.62

Setup and Inventory for Herb Run

  • Rake
  • Spade
  • Weight reducing gear/Farmer’s outfit
  • Ectophial
  • Magic secateurs
  • Herb seeds
  • Icy basalt
  • Runes, or Ultracomposts for the Fertile Soil spell and the volcanic ashes (once you have read the ash covered tome)
  • Ardougne cloak 4
  • Xeric’s talisman (Tithe Farm minigame teleport can be used as an alternative)
  • Explorer’s ring ¾ (3 daily teleports to the farming patch South of Falador can be allowed with the help of Explorer’s ring 2)
  • Seed dibber
  • Runes for Catherby Teleport (Walk East and Camelot as an alternative)
  • Either runes for Spellbook Swap and Harmony Island Teleport or Harmony Island teleport tablets
  • Troll stronghold teleport or Stony basalt available in POH Portal room
  • Stamina potion

Tithe Farm Guide

At stage 34, experience with 100% Hosidius favor in Hosidius can be acquired at the Tithe Farm minigame. Players can thus achieve important Farming experience between the moment it requires for patches to develop and grow, or practice solely at the minigame to save money on seeds. Teams can get around 90,000–100,000 experience per hour, from Level 74 onwards.

*this guide has been written with reference to the RS Wiki Farming Guide

Majority of RS players find farming as the most time consuming and boring skill. It may take you weeks and months to achieve 99 eventually. That too requires regular runs multiple times a day. Running here and there all over the Runescape can be devastating while you are trying to focus on another skill or another task in game. If you are bossing for example, you will have to leave in between and run for the tree run. All the temperament and motivation is lost at that very moment.

ZedRS Powerleveling Service also offers farming training through Herb or Tree runs. You can get your farming trained along with other skills that by our professional team of RS players who will take care of your account while you can enjoy the game during the offline hours. More details regarding our powerleveling service can be found here: Buy OSRS Power Leveling Service

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