Fossil Island

Fossil island is an area near Morytania and is only accessible for members (pay-to-play). It is a distinguish island where players can train multiple skills.

Fossil island is surrounded by a group of seven(07) other islands around it. One of those is only accessible during Dragon Slayer II.

In order to reach the Fossil Island, Bone Voyage quest is required and the player must have a minimum of 100 kudos. If you are low on Kudos, checkout our detailed guide about how to get kudos.


Fossil Island
Fossil Island

How to get to fossil island?


Main Areas

Mushroom Forest

It is the north-west section of the island called as the Mushroom forest. These are the few activities that you can perform in the mushroom forest:

Museum Camp

Museum camp is just around the corner when you arrive at the fossil island. It has to be built using the construction skill and supplies in order to be come even more beneficial for the players.

Supplies needed to build Museum Camp

29 construction level is required. Items needed are as followed:

Another main part of the museum camp is the Fossil Storage. This fossil storage can be used to store the fossils that are collected from the island. There are also other crates spread over the island.


Volcano has multiple ash piles all around it. These can be mined by the players apart from the volcanic mine.

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Tar Swamp

A large swamp can be found on the south-west section of the island. A rake and axe are needed to clear vines and chop down thick vines respectively. Tar swamp is one of the areas on the Runescape to find Sulliuscep mushroom.

Another specie that can be found is the Deranged Archaeologist in the southern part.


There is another large area of the island underwater. This can only be accessed through the rowboat and then diving into the sea. First you have to travel out to the sea to a small island which has a bank chest. Then dive into the sea to reach the underwater area. The underwater area consists of a farming patch used for giant seaweed farming and a spawn location for seaweed spores. However, the player will run out of oxygen while being underwater unless the player is wearing a fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus.

If the players run out of oxygen without the equipment, they can catch and consume pufferfish to regain oxygen supply.

House on the hill

The house on the hill can be accessed only by climbing the hill in the southern part of the mushroom forest. There are various machinery available in the house which can be used to enchant a digsite pendant. You can also reach this part of the island by teleporting to the magic mushtree only if you have visited it once and unlocked the teleport.

The basement of the house on the hill consists of mutliple stone chest which can be searched if you insert a numulite. The chests may give nothing or one of the notes that can be added into the fossil island note book. An ancient diary may also be found inside the pile of books.

Wyvern Cave

The wyverns can be killed for a slayer task. Dwarf multi cannon can not be set inside the cave.


Mini Tasks

Fossil Island consists of various mini tasks that can be completed to get to know about the island. These mini tasks are displayed on the noticeboard outside the general store. Completing the tasks will reward you with fossils for every section completed.


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