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What Is Guardians Of The Rift?

Guardians of the Rift is a non-combat minigame in Oldschool Runescape that can be performed within the Temple of the Eye. The main purpose of this minigame is to provide assistance to the Great Guardian in order to create a rift in the Abyss. This is done by helping him with the supply of imbued essence while protecting him from the attack from Abyssal creatures that come and attack him through the rift.

Requirements to play:

  1. Completion of quest: Temple of the Eye
  2. 27 Runecraft Level

How To Get To Guardians Of The Rift?

The teleport portal to the Guardians of the Rift Minigame is located in the basement of the Wizard’s Tower. In order to reach Wizard’s Tower, the players can use one of the following method:

  1. Use of fairy ring code ‘dis’
  2. Use of grouping teleport
  3. Teleport to Draynor Village with Amulet of Glory and Walk south towards the Wizard’s Tower.
  4. Necklace of Passage teleport to the Wizard’s Tower


The main purpose of the minigame is to enable the Great Guardian to gather enough power so that he can close the rift to stop the inflow of the abyssal creatures.

The players will have to perform the following tasks throughout the minigame battle:

  1. Acquire essence and imbue them at the altars to charge Great Guardian’s power.
  2. Create new guardians (catalytic and elemental) to fight the incoming creatures from the Abyss.
  3. Create protection barriers to defend the Great Guardian from Abyss Creatures.

In order to imbue essence and generate rift guardians, guardian fragments must be mined from the remains of guardians of variable sizes in the Temple. For larger remains, they are located further away but give more yield. Biggest remains are found at the edges. Varrock armour will result in double yield of mined fragments.

Imbuing Essence

The mined fragments are turned into guardian essence which can be stored in Essence pouches. These are then taken to the imbuing altar and the respective portal is used to imbue them. Runecrafting level requirements is the same as the normal Runecrafting in the respective altar.

Players get a portal talisman which is used on the portal guardians to take them back to the previous runecraft altar. This can be done even if the portal is closed. The talisman can not be kept after the game ends, so the players have to use them during the game wherever possible.

Once the essence are imbued, player has to return to the temple to recharge the Great Guardian.

Charging cells

Charged cells are the main component of rune guardians and barriers. They are charged the same way an essence is charged. Only limitation is that the players can hold 10 uncharged cells at a time and one charged cell.

Getting Energy

You can gain energy by either using cells or by using guardian essence on the Great Guardian. For each essence used you will get 2 energy in elemental or catalytic depending on the type of essence used.

Phases of the battle

The battle is split into 3  phases:

First Phase:

It is a short phase consisting of 2 minutes to prepare by gathering essence and uncharged cells.

Second Phase:

In this phase, abyssal creatures are spawned and portals begin to open. Players start imbuing their essence, charging their cells and charge up the Great Guardian or upgrade the guardians.

Final Phase:

Final phase spawns most dangerous Abyssal creatures. Players need to focus on the Great Guardian with imbued essence whilst having the guardians continue to protect it.


At the end of a game, players will receive elemental and catalytic energy, which are rewarded based on the player’s activity. One of each are used to search the Rewards Guardian, where players can receive their rewards from.

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