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OSRS Fresh Start Worlds Beginning Guide | Money Making Guide on FSW

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Starting on Fresh Start Worlds

If you played OSRS, fresh start worlds are a new version launched by Jagex for players to start fresh. The name says it all. All accounts will start fresh from the tutorial island. But the XP rates will be faster than regular OSRS. It is an exciting new way to restart your OSRS experience. The fresh start worlds are available for both, free to play and pay to play players.

6 months down the lane

After 6 months, the progress on fresh start worlds will be transferred to the main game version of OSRS. The same way you can swap your OSRS gold for FSW Gold or FSW gold for OSRS Gold. You can always transfer your progress from FSW to OSRS but you can not transfer it the other way around.

Starting up guide for FSW

We will be covering the optimum way to start on FSW worlds in order to achieve the maximum in least time. Take the immediate advantage by starting early so you get a head start. 

What to do?

  1. Complete the tutorial, choose the Fresh Start Mode.
  2. Spawn in Lumbridge.
  3. Start pickpocketing man in Lumbridge until 5 thieving.
  4. Run towards the Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village. Grab the 10K Coins from the basement.
  5. Complete the waterfall quest to gain quick combat levels.
  6. If you are looking to enjoy the game only, let us train it for you. Contact our expert team for OSRS Power Levelling.

Money Making Methods for OSRS Fresh Start Worlds

Stronghold of Security

Get the initial 10K coins by running through the SOS dungeon in barbarian village.

Collecting Silk

Achieve level 20 in thieving and run to Ardougne. Steal from silk stalls and sell it to the silk merchant at a flat rate. Each silk can be sold for 60 GP to the stall owner. But you have to wait 30 minutes before the merchant will buy it from you.

Collecting Steel Platebody

Get a full inventory of Cakes or any other suitable food and head towards Ardougne. Take the lever to the deep wilderness > Walk South throug the gate and south of Lava maze. Enter the lava maze from the south-west entrance. Cut through the webs and run past the black knights. Pass through the maze and eventually you will see a spawn of steel platebodies. Take full inventory and head back towards the bank. Repeat this task and gather a decent amount before you go and sell on the Grand Exchange.

Chaos Druids

Kill chaos druids that are located north of Ardougne. These are super easy to kill at around 30 attack, 30 defence and 30 strength level. Just get few food items and head towards them. You will need 49 thieving to enter the private spot. Start killing the Chaos Druids for some quick XP gains and large supply of medium to high level herbs. Bank these and sell them on the Grand Exchange or use these to train your herblore skill. The demand of herbs will rise after a few days when players will be looking for potions to enhance their skills.

Swap your OSRS or RS3 gold for Fresh Start World Gold

This is the quickest method out of all. You can easily swap your RS3 or OSRS Gold for fresh start world gp. This can be done through our livechat. Head over to our swap page to begin with the FSW swapping process.

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