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Runescape Money Making Methods

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There are multiple things you can do to generate money in OSRS or RS3. These all methods are applicable for both servers.

Methods to make money in OSRS

Motherlode Mine

Coal (136 GP) can be mined once you reach level 30, and a well known place for members’ to mine is in the Motherlode Mine which is situated in the Falador Dwarven Mines. Players can obtain minerals other than coal such as gold (368 GP), mithril (178 GP), adamantite (1,336 GP), and runite (11,449 GP) only if they have reached the respective mining levels. Players obtain random ores from the sack by mining pay-dirt and cleaning it up in the cabinet positioned in the center of the mine. This is considered a very important and favourable update to the mining skill as you can produce a decent amount of profit at an average of 22,000-35,000 per hour, and is also easy to AFK. Players can also randomly earn golden nuggets that can be exchanged in for the garment of a prospector, which gives Mining a 2.5% fold XP increase if the complete set is carried or worn.

Upon the completion of the Elite Falador Achievement Diary, the player’s chances of receiving higher ores when the clean pay-dirt will also increase. Another aspect on its completion will also result in an increase in the expected profit per hour for the player.


Residing within the Warrior’s Guild, this is where the Cyclopes are usually found. In specific, the level 106 Cyclopes require at the very least one Rune defender and some Warrior Guild tokens to battle. Valuable armour and items are usually dropped by them. Due to their aggressive nature, it is highly advisable to wear an armour with high Defence bonuses and a few other things such as some super potion sets and high healing food are also recommended to use. Not only is this a good source of money as it also helps in acquiring an upgraded status in combat experience. It must be noted that you can only attack the Cyclopes with Melee within the Warrior’s Guild.

Treasure Trails/Clue Scrolls

Clue scrolls are an extraordinary source of making money however it is only achieved through immense luck and a mediocre level of skill and aptitude to start completing them. Besides this, the most important thing when it comes to clue scrolls is patience as some of these clues will take up days of skilling just to complete them or get across them.

Easier less complex clue scrolls are recommended for you to complete if you are a lower level combat player (as a lot of the necessary requirements are not available yet). Players of a mediocre level should go for medium level clues and further. When it comes to skillers, clue scrolls are not recommended as most of the clues hold a requirement for random weapons and armours that might not be possible for you to wear at this stage.

Low value rewards and benefits might be obtained by players using this method, it must be noted that there is a possibility that you could get nothing or get all the way till millions when it comes to gold, which for the rather difficult and elite clues ensures even more. You can still get rewarded with a 10-million-gp item out of nowhere, regardless of you having a series of substandard rewards. Users who continually kill NPCs for clue scrolls might see revenues of millions of gold per day, or just one-thousand air runes all depending on their luck.
This method is applicable on RS3 and Oldschool, both versions. Once you have made money on RS3, You can Swap rs3 gold with us.


Note: You won’t be banned. It is bannable, however, to join a merchant clan or to try and manipulate the cost of an item.

The high risk high reward activity of purchasing products for a small price and selling them at a high price is known as Grand Exchange flipping or merchanting. You are looking for products that are volatile but often routinely traded owing to supply and demand, with the frequent changing of cost that comes with the supply and demand.

Rune Running

Rune running is an easy as well as an effective way of making big quantities of money. There are wealthy competitors who are actually ready to pay individuals to “run” rune or pure essence for them in exchange for money. This is done through either the bank or a neighboring general store for unnoting.

Many players and clans are now involved in providing rune-running services. A lot of them post advertisements on the various RuneScape Forums, generally under the “Runes and Ammo” section as this is where most players make posts regarding this method. Titles that will help with rune-running are listed as “25:25”, “18:25” or “23:25” and more. These are the titles that you should be searching for. These numbers depict the ratios of rune to rune essence (or pure essence).

Law Rune Running

When it comes to running law runes, world 341 and 366 are more commonly used. You might be required to hold up to 26 pure essence in your inventory, but this depends entirely on the crafter. Follow the given steps below:

  1. Make way to the Draynor Village for a bank that is nearby, and make sure that you have no armour on you, as well as weapons or God clothing (God books are also included). To ensure your safety, it is better to not wear anything.
  2. Go to Port Sarim, and then get on board the Etrana monk’s ship.
  3. As soon as you have gotten on board of the ship, start heading east until you spot a cooking range.
  4. Move north, along the path, and then pass the church as well as the bridge. The outside of the altar shall be occupied with Runecrafters who are usually typing things such as “23:25” or either “25:25” (ratio of law runes to pure essence).
  5. Trade up the player, and then put your essence up for offer.As a result of this, you should earn a substantial quantity of law runes.
  6. Go back to Draynor Village to deposit your runes. Withdraw another inventory of essence, following the above measures again.

Nature Rune Running

The most common use of the World 336 is usually running nature runes, the other runes that are most profitable to run. However, this method comes with its dangers, therefore it requires you to stay vigilant and attentive and also think about bringing a teleport item that is one-clicked, or either teleport jewellery. Karamja is plagued with poisonous monsters, but an Antipoison potion is available in the general store and can be bought for 500 coins.

You are highly recommended to enter a chat with a clan as generally there are crafters usually online. You can average about 500,000 per hour if you are running with loaded amulets of glory to the Abyss at stage 1 Runecraft with no pouches; however, with a level 50 and just three pouches, you can achieve between 750,000 and 1,000,000 per hour based on the Runecraft host lines.

To the north of Shiloh Village is where the nature altar is situated. You need to take your route to Southern Karamja or go into the nature altar for a quick travel through the Abyss.

As soon as the exchange of your of your essence for runes is completed you are supposed to run to the general store nearby and buy it back. Once done, repeat the process again.

Keep an eye out for other players buying your essence as soon as you have sold it. Finding a nature running group on a different world is the only way to avoid them.

One way in which way you can keep other players from buying your essence from the general store is by speaking with Aisles. They will unnote anything with a charge of just five coins per piece.

Skeletal Wyvern Running

Runners are in steady supply because of Skeletal Wyverns’ fame. Runners alleviate participants from their unstackable stays visiting the wyverns and have imposed a “tax” for their easy operation. Runners can create between 400,000 and 1,000,000 an hour depending on effectiveness.

General pricing

Although runners purchase products substantially smaller and sale greater than the GE Price, the overall applied rule of thumb is to purchase at half the cost and sell at double the cost except for dragon equipment and broad bolts. Drops like these include the rates of neighborhood runners as well as the preceding:


  • Dragon equipment—namely, Dragon platelegs and Dragon plateskirt (140,000 to 150,000)
  • Prayer potion (4,000 to 5,000)
  • Ranarr weed (3,000 to 4,000)
  • Dragonstone (7,000 to 8,000)
  • Crystal key (13,000 to 14,000)
  • Tooth half of key (7,000 to 8,000)
  • Loop half of key (5,000 to 6,000)
  • Runite bar (6,000 to 7,000)
  • Wyvern bones (500 to 1,000)—also can exchange two bones for one bone in noted form (i.e. at a 2:1 ratio)


  • 1,000 Broad bolts (70,000 to 80,000)
  • Ranging potion (3,000 to 4,000)— can be exchanged for an amount equivalent of Prayer potions ( at a 1:1 ratio)
  • Alch runes (400 to 500)
  • 1,000 Mind runes (8,000 to 10,000)
  • Shark (2,000 to 3,000)

Note: Prices may differ, and only ball-park prices have been suggested.

Although joining a clan conversation might assist you get more demands and requests, but just simply requesting individuals at the Wyvern cavern will also be more than enough. You need to make sure and inform them that you are running and that they need to add you.

Tip: Plus, it is advisable for you to have your private chat left on as it will make it easier and more convenient for players to contact you with ease.


WARNING: Skeletal Wyverns have a highly damaging icy attack if players fail to have any type of elemental shielding.

  • Weight-reducing clothing
  • Ancient/Elemental/Mind or Dragonfire shield (strongly recommended)
  • Amulet of glory
  • Dramen/Lunar staff (only upon the partial completion of Fairytale II – Cure a Queen) or Air/Fire staff


  • Cash (~500,000 for starters)
  • 4-8 Sharks
  • 5-6 Ranging potions
  • Broad bolts
  • Mind runes
  • Varrock teleports (if the Amulet of glory is not being used )
  • House teleports (if POH is not using fairy rings and is set in Rimmington)
  • Rune pouch (used to hold runes, inventory space can be freed up by its use)—optional

Travelling world

Upon the partial completion of Fairytale II – Cure a Queen, players can take complete benefits of the fairy rings to establish a way of communication to and from Mudskipper Point (code aiq) where the Wyvern dungeon is just a little distance from north. In addition, the user could also make use of an amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville, bank, and travel south to the fairy ring lodged between the Grand Exchange and Edgewill.

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Players with their houses situated and established in Rimmington, alternatively, could teleport there and run to the dungeon southwards. Edgeville or Varrock West Bank is where they can bank but it depends solely on the teleportation they decided to choose.

Tip: Time the wyverns as you become aggro, and let the players first cover their wyverns before you rush in and trade. Before trading, stay behind the player or out of the range of the wyvern.

Tips And Hints

  • More commonly, begging is regarded as a poor way to make cash. Players could quickly destroy cows for their cowhide with basically the same amount of effort, or gather mort myre fungi or blue dragon scales, which is a much easier way of making cash without having to ask for it.
  • Be certain to pick up as much money as you can left on the ground, while you train or travel. Even if it seems futile to do so, even tiny sums of cash can contribute up to thousands, so it matters towards your income to pick up that additional tiny fall from a guard or rock crab. Wearing a fortune circle while killing monsters will catch up any falls of coins automatically.
  • Although time is saved while selling to a general store, when it comes to selling to an actual player it is also proven to be worth the effort and time in most instances (At a general store, regular logs are priced at 1 GP wheres they are priced at 18 GP to an actual player). Similarly, you can shop inexpensive products that players sell to the general store and then return them for a profit to either the players or the Grand Exchange.
  • The understanding for places and other factors like the placement and whereabouts of item spawn sites can be used by players who are well versed with RS3 or have played it as the similarity is to be likely if the location is in Oldschool. But, special or complex money making methods will not necessarily be useful as the game play and the economy differs in OSRS from that in RS3. As an instance from the first stage in the heading of “Tips and advice,” although supplying burnt food to a general store in RS3 provides at least 1 gp (or more in special cases), this is not the situation in OSRS. Selling burnt food to a general store in OSRS doesn’t give any cash.

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