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What are Runescape Bonds? Everything you need to know about bonds

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RS3 Bonds And OSRS Bonds

This article provides everything you need to know about Runescape bonds and why they’re not worth your money.


Bonds were created by Jagex to eliminate the impact of gold farmers. Players buy bonds from real money and then use them in the game for obtaining membership. In real world, bonds are investments that guarantee returns which is not the case in Runescape. Here you use you can keep or trade bonds to obtain benefits in the game. Players assume that this is beneficial but in reality this is not true as they only make you spend more money. You can understand if the value of a bond is converted in GP. Looking at the bigger picture, it may be a way for Jagex to encourage players to buy premium membership as bonds only give some hint of it or we could say it is their way of earning more profits.

  When you use bonds to buy memberships and other things – you are only giving more money rather than you would give if you purchased gold first since items are sold at higher prices when they are bought using bonds. The correct way to not overspend is that you first buy gold from a reputable website such as ZedRS, then use that particular gold to to buy bonds and thus obtain membership. Using real world money will only mean that you’re overspending on something that you could earn without using as much money.

What do you do with bonds?

According to the official runescape website there are three possible uses of bonds:

  1.  Runescape bonds can be used for different activities within the game for example they can be used for membership, and also for runescape coins, keys or ruincoins. According to RS website, players can use these bonds to obtain in game benefits.
  2. These bonds can also be sold on the Grand Exchange. Players can sell them at prices they wish for the bonds.
  3. Bonds can also be traded, swapped or gifted. Once a player purchases a bond from another player, they can not be traded again unless made tradeable again. 10% Of the current price has to be paid to make them tradeable again.


The alternative to expensive bonds is that instead of buying bonds from Runescape website you should buy it from GE. Since Zed sells at gold at lower rate than you would buy bonds from RS website, you get to save money. For example you can purchase a bond from RS website for 5 euros while from ZedRS you can avail the same benefits by buying gold for 3 euros and then you could go on using this gold to buy bonds or trade them. This gives you a huge benefit and also eases things since you wont be overspending.

Bonds are another way to get in-game gold without getting banned. Purchase bonds and then sell your bonds in the Grand Exchange or you can even sell the gold back to recover your real world money.


There are only two methods that can be used to become members. One is to buy membership from the official RS website. The other way is by investing in bonds. But however this is expensive and the cheapest way you could be a member is by buying gold from us and then buying bonds. So remember to be smart when making this decision, and not to fall in the trap!

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