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OSRS Gold is also known as Oldschool RS Gold or 07GP. This is the gold in the oldschool runescape version. OSRS Gold is the highest in-demand item for OSRS players since it is the currency used for all types of trades and transactions. Majority of runescape players aim to earn or buy osrs gold as soon as possbile so they can fully enjoy the game play. If you are looking to buy gold safely, check out our guide about it here.

How to buy osrs gold?

ZedRS offers competitive pricing, fastest delivery, safe trading methods and around the clock customer support for all your OSRS Gold needs. Even if you find a better offer somewhere else, do let us know and we will try our best to beat the price. Learn how to find a trusted seller here.

How can you sell OSRS Gold?

If you are an experienced OSRS player with loads of OSRS GP and looking for OSRS Gold buyers, then you are at the right place. You can contact us through the live chat and sell your OSRS gold at the best possible rate with multiple payment options. 

How to buy cheapest osrs gold?

  1. Proceed with the order process on the website
  2. Contact the livechat with your order ID.
  3. Meet in-game to trade.
  4. Get your delivery and enjoy the game.


How much is OSRS Gold Worth?

The worth of OSRS gold varies day by day. Hence if you are looking to sell your gold, feel free to contact ZedRS so we can offer you the highest possible rate at that time and take it off you.

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How to buy osrs gold?

Buying OSRS Gold is really simple and unique. Get your desired amount of OSRS Gold with us at the cheapest prices possible. 

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Decide the desired amount of gold you are looking to buy.

Enter Details

Fill out the checkout form with all correct information.

Make Payment

Proceed to make payment for the order.

Get Delivery

Meet in-game to get your gold delivered. 

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