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Maxed Main Rentals

Maxed Melee Account in OSRS available to rent to test your luck in the duel arena or PKing.

Rent a Staker for OSRS

You can easily rent an account to test your luck in the duel arena or just for some stakes with even odds. Looking to stake your Runescape gold on 50 50 odds and make bank quickly? No worries! If you do not have a maxed main account on oldschool, you can rent an account from ZedRS at affordable prices and try your luck. Our maxed main is completely safe to rent and perfect to stake. The account has 99 Attack , 99 Strength, 99 Defence and 99 Hitpoints. The account is already equipped with an abyssal tentacle whip and a dragon dagger p++ so you just hop on the account and start staking!

Maxed Main with Piety for Deathmatches

The maxed main account comes with Piety and maxed melee stats to let you enjoy the deathmatches in OSRS. The deathmatches are a hot activity since the removal of staking in the duel arena in November 2021.

Best Runescape Rental Service

Maxed main rental services requires 100% attention and mind presence. This is mandatory for the livechat agent who is handling the rental. Why? This is because it has to be made sure the account’s password is always a unqiue one that has never been used before. Secondly, the account is free and not being used by someone else, then comes the assurity of presence of abyssal whip and DDS+ in the account as promised. This all has to be done carefully. Moreover, once the account has been rented to a customer, we have to make sure the spreadsheet that is used amongst the agents is updated as soon as possible with the status/starting time/ending time of the rent. This act enables other agents to see when the account will be available next, what is the current password etc. Alot of things and people are involved in providing you the best rent a staker service.

How Safe Is It To Rent An Account On OSRS?

It is usually very safe when it comes to renting RuneScape accounts as far as you choose a reliable provider who comes from a well renowned website with legit reviews. Not choosing a reputable provider can result in the possibility of someone to manually monitor your account and find out what you’re staking. It is also possible for them to recover an account with a lot of wealth or multiple wins and even get their hands on any GP on the account for themselves. Upon the submission of a recovery you will be kicked out of the account and they will have all your details to perform a recovery and result in you loosing all your hard earned rs gold that you had on the rented account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When does my time start?

    Rental time starts after you have recieved the account details through the livechat. We mostly give few minutes extra. Our team will let you know the starting ‘minute’ of your time.

  • 2. What shall I do at the start of my session?

    As soon as you get the login details, the first thing you should check is linked accounts from Runescape Homepage account login page. Secondly, log in the account and check the tentacle charges and DDS availability. If there is any issue, please inform the livechat before the start of your staking session.

  • 3. I am getting in-game messages, what shall I do?

    Ignore any in-game messages or PMs. We will NEVER message you in game for any sort of communication. All of our communication is done through the livechat on this website only.

  • 4. Can I extend my time during the rental session?

    Yes you can. Just make sure you let our team know before your rental time ends. You will be able to extend depending on the availablility of the account.

  • 5. Will I get refunded for any unused time?

    Unfortunately, rental time is not refundable. Only the deposit is refundable if the account is left with the tentacle whip and dds.

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