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OSRS Power Leveling and OSRS Boosting Service


Get hand done OSRS power leveling service with ZedRS. We have professional OSRS skillers and trainers to get your services completed.

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Contact us on Discord: ZedRS#5125 (UID: 398527794348294144 )

Contact us directly on Discord for quicker communication:

Username: ZedRS#5125    (THIS IS CASE SENSITIVE) UID: 398527794348294144

Why choose ZedRS for your power leveling tasks?


ZedRS started providing OSRS  boosting service in 2015. Since that we have been successful in completing 100% orders in time without any problems. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction and timely deliveries of all orders. We do understand how much effort you have put in your runescape accounts therefore we take care of them just like you would do it yourself.

We are providing an unmatchable service for OSRS Power leveling and you will not be able to find anything better in the industry.

Our OSRS boosting service is helpful for our valuable clients who are not able to grind all day long but want to get those skills leveled up. Hence, we are here to assist you with this and get the training done on your account.

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Why you should buy OSRS boosting service?

Skills and certain points are required to unlock specific pieces of armor or equipment. The higher stats you have, the higher level of monsters you can kill. Every quest also has its own requirements of skills needed. The bosses can only be slain if you have a high level account.

What is Buying Power Levelling or Boosting?

Players tend to hire another person to work on their Runescape account to level up certain skills or complete other tasks. This will save you lots of effort and time and you can enjoy the game yourself rather than grinding all day for a certain level.

Is it safe to buy Power Levelling?

Our hand trained power levelling service is completely safe and sound. Our customer support will provide you daily updates regarding your service and feel free to contact us for any query.

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How are the prices calculated for power levelling?

Power leveling prices vary depends on multiple factors.

  1. Amount of work that have to be put in
  2. Complexity of work
  3. Number of man hours
  4. Working Schedule

To get the price for your desired powerlevelling request, feel free to contact us and get a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get updates about my power levelling order?

    For regular updates and faster communication, you have to contact us on our one and only Discord.

    Username: ZedRS#5125     [This is case sensitive] UID: 39852779434829414

  • What do I need to buy power leveling service?

    The items required to complete your desired request have to be provided by you. The account also has to be members in order to complete the service in time. Moreover, you can order power levelling at any level as long as you have the required items available.

  • Can I play during the service?

    Mostly yes! For further information, you can discuss this before placing an order.

  • What times will you work on my account?

    There are two types of services:

    1. Work on your given time schedule.
    2. Work on our fixed shifts which you will get to know.
  • What type of services can I buy?

    You can order any type of service for your OSRS account. We can do anything on your account that you want. Skilling, mini-games, power levelling or anything else that you would like to get done.

  • Is the service hand done?

    Yes! All our services are 100% hand done without the use of any third party software or script.

    All work is done on the official OSRS client or Runelite client.