Runescape Gold Swap

Swapping gold in between OSRS and RS3 is a necessity for Runescape Players that enjoy playing both servers. Are you one of them? If yes, then I’m sure you are at the right place. While you are with us, you can safely swap Runescape gold regardless of the fact which server you play, we offer swapping to and from OSRS or RS3. Runescape gold swapping will not only save your time but it enables you to get the best value for your hard earned GP.

RS3 and OSRS Gold Swap Rates

Here at ZedRS we are always keeping a close eye on the current demand and supply and adjust rates accordingly to provide you with the best value for your RS Gold. If you are looking for the current RS3 and OSRS Swap rates, you shall contact our livechat and ask for the current swap rates.

Safely Swap Runescape Gold

Runescape Gold exchange requires trust trades in between both users. Hence we will never suggest you to try unknown clans or users without being assure about their trustworthiness. Sometimes such swappers tend to offer unbelievable exchange rates to lure innocent players and end up running away with their gold.

Whenever you are looking to swap your RS3 or OSRS Gold, let us know so you can swap safely and enjoy a remarkable safe swapping experience in Runescape.

What is Runescape Gold Exchanging:

Runescape gold swapping is exchange of RS3 gold to OSRS or OSRS Gold to RS3. You can easily transfer your gold from one game version to another version without any hassle with the help of our professional swapping team. We are proud to announce that we are the pioneers of RS3 to OSRS or OSRS to RS3 Gold Swap. You might find other swappers or companies claiming to be the first one to introduce this service, but the fact is, to date, we are the number 1 and oldest swapping clan of RS. Moreover, our clients know that very well, Team ZedRS never compromises on its customer’s safety and security at any cost. Our utmost aim is to provide outstanding rs gold swap service without any doubt. Still in doubt? Give us a try and check yourself.If you have any queries, feel free to contact us through the livechat or contact us page.

How to Swap Runescape Gold:

  • Choose the gold swap section on the website through the navigation menu on the top.
  • Contact the livechat on the bottom right hand corner of the swapping page.
  • Say how much gold are you looking to exchange and whether is it OSRS to RS3 Gold or RS3 to OSRS Gold swap.
  • One of our swapper from our 24/7 swapping team will join you within one minute.
  • Swapping agent will tell you the current on-going Runescape Gold swap rates.
  • Once you choose the rate you will do, we will give you a location in-game. *we will try our best to beat all our competitor rates.
  • Come and meet at the location in-game to proceed with the swap. *All the trades must be confirmed on the livechat to ensure you are not trading an imposter.
  • Congratulations you have swapped your gold safely.

RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap

How can you do RS3 to OSRS Gold swap? To be honest, if you are reading this on our page, you are on the oldest Runescape gold swapping website. You will find an unmatchable swapping experience with ZedRS.

Safest Gold Swapping in Runescape

If you are here for the first time, note our words that you are about to have the safest and fastest runescape gold swap experience.

If you want, you may ask our swapping agent to complete the trades in multiple increments so that it makes you feel comfortable.

Osrs To RS3 Gold Swap

Oldschool gold to RS3 swapping is common among players who love to play the 2007version. Feel free to swap your gold with us anytime. We are available 24/7.

Constantly updated Swap Rates

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VIP Gold Swapping Rates

Get premium swap rates and the best value for money by posting on our Reddit.

RS3 to OSRS Gold Calculator

RS3 and OSRS Gold Exchange Rate Calculator is updated in real-time according to demand & supply.

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Around The Clock Service

Our swapping agents are available 24/7 on the live chat to conduct your swap on RS3 or OSRS.

Swap your RS3 & OSRS Gold

Mistakenly bought a bond on the wrong server?

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We have conducted over 100,000 swaps since 2013 without any negative feedback.

Runescape Gold Swap FC

Stop your search for a RS Gold swapping fc. This is the new era and you know how advance everything has become technically. We are out of the swapping clans and friends chat now. The swaps are operating through the livechat. This is very safe and you can find a step by step guide on how to swap rs gold in our blog section. ZedRS and his team offers all type of exchange and swaps for RS3 or oldschool. Feel free to exchange any amount of gp or gold at any time of the day at any month of the year.

Legit and Safe RS Gold Swap

ZedRS have 2000+ offsite feedback, 500+ reddit feedback, 200+ twitter and over 50K customers so far. We are growing and would love to serve you. Our top of the line swap service, power levelling, maxed main rentals and alot more will make us your one stop for all your RS needs. If you are looking for something RS related that we are not offering, feel free to suggest us through the contact us page. We will be happy to add something that our valuable clients are looking for. Moreover, if you are feeling unsafe which is complelety understandable, you can trade us in parts without any hesitation. We will not refuse increments


RS3 to OSRS gold can be swapped through our livechat. All you have to do is to contact the livechat and one of the agent will let you know what are the current exchange rates. After that, you will get the trade location in game. Meet them there to continue with the swap. Be sure to confirm everything on the chat before accepting in order to be safe from imposter scams.

The process is the same as you will swap RS3 to OSRS Gold. Click on the livechat in the bottom left corner of this page. One of our agent will join to serve you and let you know about the RS gold swap exchange rates and trading location.

RS3 and OSRS Gold Swap Exchange rates keep varying depending on multiple factors. Some of them are the in-game economy, recent updates released by Runescape or Oldschool Runescape and the time of the year etc. The rates are deteremined through demand and supply. Feel free to get latest OSRS and RS3 Swap rates anytime through the livechat. Our utmost priority is to get keep the exchange rates updated as much as possible 24/7/365.

Normal rates and VIP rates are two types of rates we are offering for runescape gold swap right now. VIP rates are slightly better compared to normal rates.

In order to get VIP or Premium Swap Rates; All you have to do is to post on ZedRS’ subreddit regarding the swap you are about to perform. For example, if you are going to swap 100M RS3 Gold to OSRS, Go on our subreddit here and click on ‘submit text’ on the right hand side. Just post ‘about to swap 100M RS3 through them’ or something like that whatever you like. Once you have posted, let the livechat agent know you will take VIP rates and the reddit post is already done.

The swap rates keep changing depending on the demand and supply. The rates are not fixed forever. Sometimes rates are changed multiple times a day and sometimes every few days. We can’t guarantee the same rate later on.

Ofcourse yes! If somehow someone else who is as trusted as we are offered a better swap rate than us, please let the livechat agent know that ‘xyz’ offered me this much. We will try our best to beat others as much as possible.

Yes, you can swap in as many increments as you like. Our first priority is to make sure our valuable customers are comfortable with us. We will not force you to swap in one go. But you might have to wait for increments if there is a high traffic of chats and swaps on our livechat.

The swapping rates are negotiable to some extent sometimes. Feel free to talk to the swapping agent.

The locations keep changing in order to prevent scammers and impsoters from camping on our locations. The swapping agent on the livechat will let you know the current location for the swap.

Yes, you will have to tradeo n one server first and then logout and login on the other server for the trade. However, all our agents use TWO accounts for the swap. One for RS3 and one for OSRS.

You can always try a small transaction first to ease your trust issues and see how the process goes. You can check our reviews and feedback on different forums by just searching for ‘ZedRS’ on Google.