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Runescape Gold Exchange Rate Calculator

This swap calculator just displays an estimate of current swap rates. Please contact us on livechat for real time updated rates currently.

Swap Runescape Gold

RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap is also known as runescape gold swap.

Gold exchange in between RS3 and OSRS is a necessity for Runescape Players. Are you one of those who is looking to swap runescape gold? If yes, then I’m sure you are at the right place. While you are with us, you can safely swap RS3 gold and swap OSRS GoldRunescape Gold Swap will not only save your time but it enables you to get the best value for your hard earned GP.

How can you do RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap?

RS3 to OSRS swap is the exchange of gold in between RS3 and OSRS. Majority of players have problems in trusting other players or random clans for swapping, therefore we are offering this service at most competitive swap rates (learn about the latest swap rates here.) to ensure you get the best value for your time and money that you have in the previous server.

The process is super simple and easy, just contact us through the live chat to proceed with the next step.

OSRS Gold Swap requires trust trades in between both users. Hence we will never suggest you to try unknown clans or users without being assure about their trustworthiness. Sometimes such swappers tend to offer unbelievable exchange rates for RS3 to OSRS Gold or OSRS to RS3 Gold to lure innocent players and end up running away with their gold.

When and where can I convert my Runescape Gold?

Our swapping agents are online around the clock and 365 days a year to serve you better. Feel free to contact us anytime for RS3 to OSRS gold swap or OSRS Gold Swap. They can be contacted through the chat. We sometimes may run out of stock on a certain server due to high demand but don’t worry, it won’t take long for us to restock for you

In order to safely swap OSRS gold or RS3 gold swap, let us know so you can swap safely and enjoy a remarkable safe swapping experience in Runescape.

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How to swap your Runescape Gold?

Swapping is as simple as 1.2.3. Yes! All you have to do is to contact the swapping agents through our live chat and get your swap done.

Contact Livechat

You will get the latest swap rates in our live chat and also have a chance to negotiate if there is any lower offer.

Meet In-Game

Swapping agent will let you know where to meet in-game for the trade.

Trade Safely

Make sure you are trading the correct RSN and amount. Double check on the live chat.


Enjoy the game! (We will never talk in-game so be aware of any imposters)

Everything you need to know about rS Swapping

RuneScape Gold Swap: What You Need to Know

RuneScape is a popular MMORPG that has been around since 2001. With millions of players, it’s not surprising that the in-game economy has become a big part of the game. One of the most common transactions in RuneScape is the exchange of gold coins between players. This process is known as gold swapping.

What is Gold Swapping in RuneScape?

Gold swapping refers to the exchange of in-game gold coins for gold coins on the other server. This can be in between RS3 and OSRS.

Is Gold Swapping Allowed in RuneScape?

Gold swapping is completely allowed in RuneScape’s Rules.

For further verification, you can check the official Jagex rules here.

Why is Gold Swapping risky?

Gold swapping is risky because there is a chance of a scam mostly. There have been numerous reports of players losing their hard-earned in-game gold to scammers who promise to swap gold for an unrealistic exchange rate but end up running away with the gold.

How to Stay Safe When Gold Swapping in RuneScape

If you’re thinking of swapping your gold in RuneScape, it’s important to be cautious and follow these safety tips:

Use reputable and trusted websites:

Make sure you only use websites that have a good reputation and have been around for a long time.

Check the reviews:

Before you make a transaction, read reviews from other players to see if they have had a positive experience with the website or seller.

Don’t give out personal information: Never give out personal information, such as your email or password, to anyone when gold swapping.

By following these tips, you can minimize the risks associated with gold swapping and have a safe and enjoyable experience in RuneScape.

In conclusion, while gold swapping is a popular practice among RuneScape players, it’s important to be cautious and follow safety measures to protect yourself from scams and fraud. Remember, always use reputable websites, check reviews, use secure payment methods, and never give out personal information.

How are swap rates determined?

Swap rates in runescape work on basic economics. The supply and demand principal. If the demand is high, the rates tend to go up and vice versa. However, due to increasing supply of gold in RS3 and OSRS, the rates tend to go lower with time. The more supply there is, the lower rates are. For latest swap rates, use our swapping calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do you swap RS3 to OSRS Gold?

    RS3 to OSRS gold can be swapped through our livechat. All you have to do is to contact the livechat and one of the agent will let you know what are the current exchange rates. After that, you will get the trade location in game. Meet them there to continue with the swap. Be sure to confirm everything on the chat before accepting in order to be safe from imposter scams.

  • 2. What are current RS3 to OSRS Swap Rates?

    RS3 and OSRS Gold Swap Exchange rates keep varying depending on multiple factors. Some of them are the in-game economy, recent updates released by Runescape or Oldschool Runescape and the time of the year etc. The rates are deteremined through demand and supply. Feel free to get latest OSRS and RS3 Swap rates anytime through the livechat. Our utmost priority is to get keep the exchange rates updated as much as possible 24/7/365.

  • 3. Is swapping RS3 gold to OSRS allowed?

    Yes, it is completely allowed. You will have to do it through another player because multi logging on one account and exchanging through in-game mechanics is not possible. (Jagex's answer can be found here.)

  • 4. How do you transfer from RS3 to OSRS?

    Talk to our livechat, ask for current swap rates and then meet in-game. As easy as 1.2.3.

  • 5. What is the difference between VIP and Normal Rates?

    Normal rates and VIP rates are two types of rates we are offering for runescape gold swap right now. VIP rates are slightly better compared to normal rates.

  • 6. How to get VIP rates?

    In order to get VIP or Premium Swap Rates; All you have to do is to post on ZedRS’ subreddit regarding the swap you are about to perform. For example, if you are going to swap 100M RS3 Gold to OSRS, Go on our swapping reddit here and click on ‘submit text’ on the right hand side. Just post ‘about to swap 100M RS3 through them’ or something like that whatever you like. Once you have posted, let the livechat agent know you will take VIP rates and the reddit post is already done.

  • 7. How much is 1m OSRS in RS3?

    On average, it will be somewhere in between 10M to 15M RS3. 

    Find more info about RS Gold Swap Rates here.

  • 8. Someone else offered me a better swap rate, will you beat?

    Ofcourse yes! If somehow someone else who is as trusted as we are offered a better swap rate than us, please let the livechat agent know that ‘xyz’ offered me this much. We will try our best to beat others as much as possible.

  • 9. Can I swap in increments?

    Yes, you can swap in as many increments as you like. Our first priority is to make sure our valuable customers are comfortable with us. We will not force you to swap in one go. But you might have to wait for increments if there is a high traffic of chats and swaps on our livechat.

  • 10. Can I swap with one account only?

    Yes, you will have to tradeo n one server first and then logout and login on the other server for the trade. However, all our agents use TWO accounts for the swap. One for RS3 and one for OSRS.

  • 11. How can I trust ZedRS?

    You can always try a small transaction first to ease your trust issues and see how the process goes. You can check our reviews and feedback on different forums by just searching for ‘ZedRS’ on Google.

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