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Livechat is online 24/7 with our professional team members always ready to cater your Runescape Services needs. Whether you are looking to Swap RS3 to OSRS or vice versa or rent a maxed account for a staking session.

OSRS to RS3 Swap

RSGP swap rates are constantly updated throughout the day in order to provide the best value for your GP. Even if you get a higher offer from any competitor, let us know and we will try our very best to beat it!

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OSRS Boosting Service

Hand Done Boosting, OSRS Power Leveling, Minigames, Questing and Custom Services for Oldschool Runescape. Get your OSRS accounts trained by our professional trainers at the most economical prices and fastest delivery times.

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Rent a Staker

Rent a maxed main OSRS account with 99 stats for 5050 Odds staking session today. Don’t worry about training an account yourself to max melee, we have one available for you at all times! 

Runescape Gold Swap

Exchange your RS3 gold to OSRS Gold is risky unless you have a legit rs gold swapper. Therefore, ZedRS will help you swap your OSRS and RS3 gold without any hassle and at the best exchange rates.

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OSRS Skilling

Hustling to get that 99 or gather supplies on your Ironman? Need someone to train on your account while you sleep? Think no more. ZedRS is providing around the clock power levelling and boosting service for Runescape. Guaranteed hand done work for all types of service requests. Still confused? Checkout our guide on how to get power leveling service?

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Rent A Staker

Rent maxed main OSRS accounts for a thrilling experience in the duel arena or PKing. Our melee maxed staker accounts are available around the clock. ZedRS offers you a maxed melee account to play at a low cost. Get an account without having to put hundreds of hours of grinding on OSRS.

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ZedRS aims to provide round the clock swapping and maxed main rental service to its valuable customers. This helps us not only to gain the trust of new customers, but also grants us internal satisfaction when we know that we are able to provide a healthy and safe environment to our clients. Our priority has always been in putting a smile on your fellow runescape players rather than ripping them off.

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