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What is Runescape Swapping?

RS swapping is exchange of rs gold from one server to another i.e from oldschool to RS3 or vice versa.

We are proud to announce that we are the first RS Gold swappers and be aware of the fake ones claiming to be the best, because its a fact that no one can beat ZedRS. Don't trust this? Give us a try and check yourself.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us through the livechat or contact us page.

#1 in RS Services and Swapping

ZedRS offers the best Runescape services. You will never find a matchable service in terms of rates, efficiency, user friendly and round the clock service for your RS needs whether it be maxed main rentals, buying bonds, selling or buying rs gold, swapping your rs3 or 07 or getting your RS Accounts powerlevelled. We are the oldest and #1 swapping website; Swapping since day 1 of oldschool launch back in 2013 Swapping is VERY risky in terms of getting scammed from fake and wanna be swappers out there. But you can always count on ZedRS. Why? You can check it yourself. We are online 24/7 which makes it easier for you to swap your gold anytime from anywhere. You will always find one of our agent waiting for you. If you get any better offer from other gold swappers or any trusted clans, we would be happy to beat it or atleast match it as much as we can. Our main aim is to provide fellow RuneScape players with a safe and sound swapping environment where they can feel safe while swapping the gold. There should be no ambuiguity or insecurity, therefore our agents would be happy to do your swap in increments even if it is 1M.